star citizen: hangar module is LIVE!


just got the screeenshot system to work after an hour of trial and error. had to switch resolutions. the photo’s above are of the aurora LX and the constellation. the shot from inside the captains chair is the constellation

i present to you the constellation

i present to you the constellation

my RSI constellation from the game star citizen. please support the game at

dragon quest X comes to pc in sepetmeber

dragon quest is finally coming to pc. dragon quest 10 (an mmo) is coming to pc and even has its own benchmark. i managed a core of 11066 on a pc with a gen 1 core i7 and a gtx 680.

benchmark powered by nvidia:

those wanting a cheap pc to build, come here with $600

since the next gen consoles are coming around i thought id go ahead and supply you with a nice 600 build for a pc that will in all likelyhood handle most of the next gens console games on medium or so. im really good at these so your welcome to offer alternative parts but i think this will work out fine

dvd rom : $19

OS : $100 (alternatively you can get win8 for the same money but to each their own, be sure to get 64-bit)

case: $21 (alternative for 1 dollar more)

power supply: $39 (10 dollar MiR)

ram: $47

motherboard: $60 ( 5 dollar MiR)

cpu: $80

HDD: $60

GPU: 145 (3 free games, 20 dollar MiR)

total: $571 before mail in rebates (you have 35 dollars). so after MiR thats $536 of super official gaming power and if you wanted you could hold off on the cpu and buy it seperately after youve gotten all your mail in rebates and score this instead

and you still are behind the 600 price tag at $576!!!!

ionusx.. changing the game once again!! haters.. what do you know about pc’s?

things i dont like about a first meeting when e-dating

im currently e-dating, and id like to point out some things to make sure others dont fall into the pitfalls that get you smashed to the curb. and how to tell when someone probably should be avoided.

1) they/you start talking sex within the first 15 minutes of conversation

2) they/you seem intent on trying to get you to spend the night at their place

3) they/you dont seem to have anything more than profile photo’s of their exposed genitals

4) they/you have three word answers for everything (it shows dis interest)

5) their/your profile mentions being a slave

6) if you/they cant put own your phone when meeting for the first time in person and jsut endlessly text and answer phone calls (it shows that you relly dont want to be here, or are actually to busy to be here and as a result are doing this to humor you and its not for their benefit:P )

7) if you/they takes no pride in self appearance at the first in person meeting


9) if you jump straight to “i love you” during the first in eprson meeting

10) if you jump straight to discussing marriage within the first 15 minutes

11) be blunt, if you really dont like someone say something!!!

these tips will help you avoid seeming desperate, or like you dont care. and will avoid broken hearts and feelings


AMD fx-8350 @ 5ghz benchmarked the 9590 simulation

these are taken from an fx-8350 oc’d to match a 9590 in a simulated environment



Battlefield 3 on sale on origin get it while it’s hot!

battlefield origin

Folks you can head on down to origin in the link above and get battlefield 3 for just $5 today. This sale lasts till June 19th and if you act today or tomorrow you can also get the close quarters DLC for FREE, by using the product key BF3E3 in the place of an actual CD key. Which adds news maps, free guns, and a new game mode. Enjoy the fun 😀 ninja gamer signing off!

Croteam and Humble Weekly Bundle to tag team for a funding of Serious Sam 4

the humble weekly bundle this week is very special, for only $4.40 (at time of posting) you can get yourself every serious sam title available to the public on pc & droid. proceeds go towards funding croatian developer croteam’s next big project which is serious sam 4. to wet your appetite a bit they supplied a teaser art piece. the game appears to be set in paris and sam now has a MANLY BEARD


bin laden raid seal becomes a girl, comes from the closet

a navy seal has had gender realignment surgery. kristin beck is now a transgender female and if my memory serves me correctly is the 1st transgender war hero in US military history. she has gone off to publish a book called “warrior princess”; i wish her all the best with her future endeavors

rainbow dash no come back, i want a photo!!!

rainbow dash cosplay @ winnipeg pride paradeDSC_0053