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a10-6800k richland benchmarked, AMD pops its way to the meat of sandybridge


the a10-6800k is nearly upon us. richland (or piledriver 2.0 for those in the know) is her architecture and we are here today to show you what she has got!

  • 3DMark 11 Performance – P1773
  • 3DMark 11 Performance OC – P2221
  • Fritz Chess Benchmark – 7512 Kilonodes/s
  • AIDA 64 Cache and Memory – 12696/10331/18001/59.3ms (Read/Write/Copy/Latency)
  • CineBench R11.5 – 3.70 Multi-Threaded

to compare for those at home thee multi-thread results are a bit wonky and tend to place it somewhere just about all the core i3’s and the bottom of the modern core i5’s (ivy & sandybridge). or roughly in line with a gen 1 core i5 quad. these results are all at stock (omitting 3dmark where gpu was overclocked)

results photo’s can be seen here:

this is a nice change i think and it will do well considering how much this improves over the 10-5800k with the potential to overclock to 5ghz on air (stock speed is 4.4ghz and its unlocked) it could probably go much higher

this is very good news for those who want a competent cpu but like the functionality of a gpu not labeled ” intel ” and is the one i would probably recommend to people in the stands wanting a media center