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a10-6800k richland benchmarked, AMD pops its way to the meat of sandybridge


the a10-6800k is nearly upon us. richland (or piledriver 2.0 for those in the know) is her architecture and we are here today to show you what she has got!

  • 3DMark 11 Performance – P1773
  • 3DMark 11 Performance OC – P2221
  • Fritz Chess Benchmark – 7512 Kilonodes/s
  • AIDA 64 Cache and Memory – 12696/10331/18001/59.3ms (Read/Write/Copy/Latency)
  • CineBench R11.5 – 3.70 Multi-Threaded

to compare for those at home thee multi-thread results are a bit wonky and tend to place it somewhere just about all the core i3’s and the bottom of the modern core i5’s (ivy & sandybridge). or roughly in line with a gen 1 core i5 quad. these results are all at stock (omitting 3dmark where gpu was overclocked)

results photo’s can be seen here:

this is a nice change i think and it will do well considering how much this improves over the 10-5800k with the potential to overclock to 5ghz on air (stock speed is 4.4ghz and its unlocked) it could probably go much higher

this is very good news for those who want a competent cpu but like the functionality of a gpu not labeled ” intel ” and is the one i would probably recommend to people in the stands wanting a media center


Minnesota cracks like an egg, same-sex marriage legalized

yesterday morning governor Dayton of Minnesota signed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in to law. as of august 1 2013 it will be legal for two men/women to marry. this marks the second state in under 30 days to sign it into law for themselves.

on the day of the legalization city hall will be open in St.Paul and the mayor himself will be sitting in and supporting the first gay marriages.

bravo Minnesota bravo you have crawled out from the dark to join the rest of us in the year 2013. i applaud your move and encourage other states to do what your federal level isn’t doing and just get it over with. the winds of change are a blowing and you would be a fool to stand against them. the government shouldn’t rail on people and what makes two people happy and if they wish two be joined because of that happiness. if anything they should be encouraging more unions of two people as this is a community building thing, this is how families become interwoven and cause people who wouldn’t normally know each other or get along to come to terms and become better because of that.

so enjoy your bright future Minnesota  and maybe now that this is out of the way you can start dealing with other draconian legal problems in your state.

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AMD HD 8970 “Hawaii” architecture shots leak. AMD’s solution for Kepler flagship 2.0


this is hawaii. amd’s answer to the titan/gtx 780. it is essentially DOUBLE an hd 7970 GE on paper

sporting 4gb GDDR5, 4096 stream processors (7970 has half this), 16 newly designed SPU’s (7970 has 32 inferior spu’s), 256 TMU’s (7970 has half this), 64 ROPS (7970 has half this), and a 512-bit memory bandwidth (7970 is 384-bit).

this is essentially equivalent to double a 7970GE assuming a clock for clock situation. power consumption, actual stock clocks, and some other things still are missing from the sheet but if thats the case AMD has a real winner here as far as a flagship architecture goes. and thats just on paper

Delaware has seen the light, same-sex marriage is now legal

the US state of Delaware has declared that same-sex marriage is now legal. congratulations Delaware on stepping out of the shadow of archaic and rusting worldviews and into the 21st century. perhaps future states will use you as motivation to legalize it as well/fully legalize it. go now and be free oh citizens of the state of Delaware and enjoy your new-found freedom in all its glory.

now if only we can get the rest of the 39 states to crack open the rusty old tomes on constitutionally legal marriages that haven’t been touched in years ( that have probably started to fall apart ) ; and consider more carefully that maybe giving guys and girls the right to tie the knot with whomever they please instead of believing in hard-line religious dogma is the only path in the universe to union of two people.

id like to think that one day the whole world will stop denying people the right to do as they please so long as it doesn’t physically or psychologically hurt anyone. and that when that day comes we will look back on these days and wonder why it took so long to get there and maybe laugh at how stupid the people who make this stuff up  and then think its never going to change.

but enough of this banter by me. time to start singing songs, cheering in the streets and making out with your girlfriends & boyfriends and future fiances today the vast country that is the USA has taken the next tiny step toward a modern world view