those wanting a cheap pc to build, come here with $600

since the next gen consoles are coming around i thought id go ahead and supply you with a nice 600 build for a pc that will in all likelyhood handle most of the next gens console games on medium or so. im really good at these so your welcome to offer alternative parts but i think this will work out fine

dvd rom : $19

OS : $100 (alternatively you can get win8 for the same money but to each their own, be sure to get 64-bit)

case: $21 (alternative for 1 dollar more)

power supply: $39 (10 dollar MiR)

ram: $47

motherboard: $60 ( 5 dollar MiR)

cpu: $80

HDD: $60

GPU: 145 (3 free games, 20 dollar MiR)

total: $571 before mail in rebates (you have 35 dollars). so after MiR thats $536 of super official gaming power and if you wanted you could hold off on the cpu and buy it seperately after youve gotten all your mail in rebates and score this instead

and you still are behind the 600 price tag at $576!!!!

ionusx.. changing the game once again!! haters.. what do you know about pc’s?


About ionusx

im gay/bi, 23, im a gamer a dancer, an IT, and a boyfriend. come say hi, i dont bite

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