things i dont like about a first meeting when e-dating

im currently e-dating, and id like to point out some things to make sure others dont fall into the pitfalls that get you smashed to the curb. and how to tell when someone probably should be avoided.

1) they/you start talking sex within the first 15 minutes of conversation

2) they/you seem intent on trying to get you to spend the night at their place

3) they/you dont seem to have anything more than profile photo’s of their exposed genitals

4) they/you have three word answers for everything (it shows dis interest)

5) their/your profile mentions being a slave

6) if you/they cant put own your phone when meeting for the first time in person and jsut endlessly text and answer phone calls (it shows that you relly dont want to be here, or are actually to busy to be here and as a result are doing this to humor you and its not for their benefit:P )

7) if you/they takes no pride in self appearance at the first in person meeting


9) if you jump straight to “i love you” during the first in eprson meeting

10) if you jump straight to discussing marriage within the first 15 minutes

11) be blunt, if you really dont like someone say something!!!

these tips will help you avoid seeming desperate, or like you dont care. and will avoid broken hearts and feelings



About ionusx

im gay/bi, 23, im a gamer a dancer, an IT, and a boyfriend. come say hi, i dont bite

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