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the young adults dilemma: moving out; help me internet!!!

hi internet me again! i face a serious problem and omitting everyone but the trolls have a serious problem i would like to discuss; me moving out.

for months now  have been trying to move, however due to a control freak mother i am stuck on how to proceed. currently if i move my mom loses the ability to afford living in her home and while I haven’t always been very vocal and up front about leaving i have made a persistent effort to shop for a good deal and have finally found one that’s both functional in location and affordable within my meager full time pay.

however as noted above my mother is a control freak and due to my lack of constant up front desire to leave she believes two very conflicting ideas. the first is that i am not 100% serious about it. and the second is that she wishes to butt her nose in and determine when and where i move too in order to plan a move of her own out of the home in which she has raised all her kids but would be essentially alone in once i move (my parents are divorced but she still has the family dogs).

i cant stall the purchase of this apartment that screams quality and cost effective buy forever; and the way things are looking if i play along with her controlling game plan i wont be moving until (at the earliest) October. by which time i will be one year older (I’m born in October). not moving into a place that i want too (or i stand a chance of that) and she may even try and set me up to fail which is something id like to avoid as well. (she has & will figuratively do and say anything to keep me around).

i refuse to be a mamma’s boy clinging to her basement any longer and i refuse to play by her rules. but she is offering 0 support on me doing it on my own and is even threatening to evict me if i try to move on my own terms anymore when & where i want hoping ill come home crying and stay.

help me internet i am at a loss on how to deal with this conflicting crazy mom of mine and the dilemma all young adults face which is hard enough without a parent like this. moving from your parents basement.


Minnesota cracks like an egg, same-sex marriage legalized

yesterday morning governor Dayton of Minnesota signed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in to law. as of august 1 2013 it will be legal for two men/women to marry. this marks the second state in under 30 days to sign it into law for themselves.

on the day of the legalization city hall will be open in St.Paul and the mayor himself will be sitting in and supporting the first gay marriages.

bravo Minnesota bravo you have crawled out from the dark to join the rest of us in the year 2013. i applaud your move and encourage other states to do what your federal level isn’t doing and just get it over with. the winds of change are a blowing and you would be a fool to stand against them. the government shouldn’t rail on people and what makes two people happy and if they wish two be joined because of that happiness. if anything they should be encouraging more unions of two people as this is a community building thing, this is how families become interwoven and cause people who wouldn’t normally know each other or get along to come to terms and become better because of that.

so enjoy your bright future Minnesota  and maybe now that this is out of the way you can start dealing with other draconian legal problems in your state.

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)