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Bioshock Infinite review: never thought id be so high in the air

bioshcok infinite is a spin off to the games bioshock 1 & 2 by irrational games. its set in a post american civil war world and takes place in the fictional city/state of columbia which floats on motors and balloons high in the air. and now ionusx will dive waist deep into it for you.

graphics: let me 1st set aside that this game is beautiful, irrational really went to the limit here and has some really nice visuals to show for it. everything fits nicely together and I’ve encountered very few visual bugs, weapons, characters and animations all work and look as they should and the games almost 1980’s comic book-esque art style is truly a sight to see. so they get top marks for this side of things

audio: bioshock infinite’s audio is passable, nothing particularly special or memorable but what is here is done well enough that it wont bug you throughout the game and in some places you may even find it mildly amusing.

gameplay: the gameplay of Bioshock infinite is hit & miss. on the ground the gunplay is nice and fun and easy to handle and you will find yourself pressed to change up your tactics to get the job done many times and the variety of tools really makes it a great game to experiment with new combinations.

however at the later5 stages of the game you will learn how to expect the AI to react and you will start clinging to only two or three weapons and a couple of superpowers (called vigors) making it seem a bit wasteful that they have all these other guns and abilities that were more for show of what irrational can do rather than providing a sense of play style variety.

furthermore new to the game is the idea of rail riding and shooting while riding them. when stationary the combat here is okay, but while moving it can be VERY difficult to fight effectively and  should be considered an art form by itself to both fight and do it effectively

story: spoiler freee here the story is rather amazing and i being a gamer who enjoys a good story was delightfully thrilled. this game has been interesting start to finished and encourage everyone to give it a chance, despite its slow start.

overall: bioshock infinite is a treat for many people and you will find alot to enjoy if you can look past some of the uninteresting or pointless bits to it. and as a result here is my final verdict

bioshock infinite gets herself 8 and a half points out of 10 and she will be played long after i have finished her to try and squeeze out more fun

BioShock Infinite takes place on the steampunk...

BioShock Infinite takes place on the steampunk air-city of Columbia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


AMD HD 8970 “Hawaii” architecture shots leak. AMD’s solution for Kepler flagship 2.0


this is hawaii. amd’s answer to the titan/gtx 780. it is essentially DOUBLE an hd 7970 GE on paper

sporting 4gb GDDR5, 4096 stream processors (7970 has half this), 16 newly designed SPU’s (7970 has 32 inferior spu’s), 256 TMU’s (7970 has half this), 64 ROPS (7970 has half this), and a 512-bit memory bandwidth (7970 is 384-bit).

this is essentially equivalent to double a 7970GE assuming a clock for clock situation. power consumption, actual stock clocks, and some other things still are missing from the sheet but if thats the case AMD has a real winner here as far as a flagship architecture goes. and thats just on paper