i am now out of therapy!!! death to codependency

hiya internet! its ionusx here. i have finally completed my time in therapy for codependence. i am now working to solve the problems in my own life to prevent a relapse. codependence is when a person has a traumatic event in their life that forces them to set aside their own person and become what others need or want them to be. and then they never pick it up again. this is sometimes also a behavior you learn at a young age from your parents.

the end result is that the person becomes completely reactive. they no longer act on their own and instead begin simply going through the motions often as a nay-sayer or a yes-man (varying on their personality or situation). they tend to become very clingy to people they associate with and can lead to them becoming real control freaks or people pleasers. they also tend to try and rescue others from their problems without self motivation to do so. they tend to become quite mad if you don’t reward them for doing so.

the cure is to make your own decisions, start small and work your way up. and from there you will walk into the light of social interaction, the ability to want and desire stuff and the ability to set goals.

however its very problematic for me as my parents and grandparents are all codependent in their own way and they are always trying to force me into their lives when i don’t want to. so i am now trying to distance myself as much as i can physically and mentally so i don’t relapse back in. i am actively seeking my own place and wont come back ever for fear of going back to being that way.

this has been very liberating and i am glad that i am no longer reacting and now if only some of the time acting on my own and doing what i want to do. and its been surprisingly fun to 😀

so i raise a glass this morning of the finest water i can buy at a convenience store to my new-found freedom and encourage you all to do the same. long live me!

also as a reward to myself i bought a dog tag set on ebay 😀


there you can see it if you want!

About ionusx

im gay/bi, 23, im a gamer a dancer, an IT, and a boyfriend. come say hi, i dont bite

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  1. Looks like you have a lot on your plate, but I’m glad you’re getting things in order.

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