Delaware has seen the light, same-sex marriage is now legal

the US state of Delaware has declared that same-sex marriage is now legal. congratulations Delaware on stepping out of the shadow of archaic and rusting worldviews and into the 21st century. perhaps future states will use you as motivation to legalize it as well/fully legalize it. go now and be free oh citizens of the state of Delaware and enjoy your new-found freedom in all its glory.

now if only we can get the rest of the 39 states to crack open the rusty old tomes on constitutionally legal marriages that haven’t been touched in years ( that have probably started to fall apart ) ; and consider more carefully that maybe giving guys and girls the right to tie the knot with whomever they please instead of believing in hard-line religious dogma is the only path in the universe to union of two people.

id like to think that one day the whole world will stop denying people the right to do as they please so long as it doesn’t physically or psychologically hurt anyone. and that when that day comes we will look back on these days and wonder why it took so long to get there and maybe laugh at how stupid the people who make this stuff up  and then think its never going to change.

but enough of this banter by me. time to start singing songs, cheering in the streets and making out with your girlfriends & boyfriends and future fiances today the vast country that is the USA has taken the next tiny step toward a modern world view


About ionusx

im gay/bi, 23, im a gamer a dancer, an IT, and a boyfriend. come say hi, i dont bite

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